I’m a girl from Austria, living in London, and am about to emigrate – or re-emigrate, to be precise. Quite a few years ago now (almost half my lifetime ago, in fact), I moved from my home country to London to study at university, planned to stay for a few years… and am still here. Until now anyway.

After a few years of itchy feet, a few aborted attempts to move to Stockholm, France, Germany and a variety of other places, I am actually going through with it and saying goodbye to the big smoke for a new life (whether temporary or permanent remains to be seen) in Sweden.

I’ve started this blog since I now actually will (well, hopefully) have some other things to talk about than London Underground and the weather (even if only to be replaced by talking about trams and the weather), and so that one day I will be able to look back at the entries and either marvel at my stupidity or (slightly less likely) my genius!


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