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Random office water boiler sarcasm that amused me today.

Pretty much just one week to go now. So far chaos is still reigning in my flat (how are you supposed to get stuff at home done though while working 10-11 hour days?), but I still have full faith that eventually it will all magically clear. And by magic I mean that on Saturday, a company that sells stuff on eBay (for a huge cut of the proceeds) is going to come and take my heavier stuff away, so I guess that will be the time that the flat will start to look empty. (For a start, they will take the big ageing TV that takes up half my living room!)

In a way everything is slowly starting to hit home to me – I stopped procrastinating on arranging leaving drinks, and I am running out of days in which to do things or see people. Today I was on the phone to a work friend who was off sick, and he told me that he was feeling awful about the idea of not being able to say goodbye to me in person (which nearly made me cry). So that sentence was approximately where the magnitude of everything started to sink in a little…

Like in a week, my closer friends are going to be a plane trip away. I’ll be the new girl in a new office, be out of the loop on in-jokes, and will have trouble following group conversations. I’m going to test people’s patience when looking for words. (I am fully intending to immerse myself and speak Swedish though, even if it means that I get all the jokes 15 minutes after everybody else! As happened when I first moved to England and people were asking me if I had a hearing problem ;))

It’ll all work out in the end though, and the biggest part of me can’t wait to go and start the adventure. It feels like I have been preparing for this forever!