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My stuff’s new home

That is pretty much what my life consists of at the moment. My last week has been getting up, going to work, working 10-11 hours (just what you want when you know you have chaos waiting to be resolved at home), coming home, packing boxes for an hour and sleeping. Which makes for a thrilling week 😉

Yesterday I moved the stuff that I want to keep but don’t want take with me (yet) into a storage space that I rented in Richmond. So my Garfield, Asterix and Donald Duck collection, and my mother’s paintings have a good home now for the next few months until I get settled.

It is kind of ridiculous, but something about seeing my prized possessions all boxed up in front of me in a little storage booth felt strange and really good. Maybe because it means that I have another piece of the puzzle sorted. The next time I’ll see my things is when I have found somewhere permanent to live… (whenever that is!)

Two of my London workmates are going to Gbg for work next week, and one of them made the careless mistake of telling me that he is happy to take some of my  things along, so he is now in possession of a huge backpack containing a duvet and duvet covers.

And meanwhile I’m preparing for another week of packing and de-cluttering (and finding a new home for my faithful house plants). Tomorrow will be the start of my last full week as a Londoner…