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…and I have made some progress at last!

The HR department sent me my work certificate, which means that I now have it written in black on white that I am gainfully employed in Sweden. I can’t even describe the relief when I saw the certificate arrive in my email inbox, as this is the first time I have had physical proof that it is all happening (most of my current knowledge is based on hearsay and office gossip). I must have spent half an afternoon regularly re-opening the attachment, just to see my name next to my employment status in Gothenburg. It is probably worth mentioning that the first time I told myself I was going to live in Sweden one day was at age 13 – so this move is not just a great idea at the right time, it’s also fulfilling a promise to my teenage self, of sorts!

So, all motivated by the success I threw myself at the “right of residence” registration form on the Migrationsverket website. Cue 40 minutes of switching languages back and forward, wondering what the hell a “dossier” is, struggling with a temperamental “birth date” field that wouldn’t accept numbers, and pondering why the help file told me to leisurely enter my Swedish address in case I have one, while the form wouldn’t let me progress without it. All worth it though as I am now in the possession of an application number, and my unsuspecting new office will get my documents in the mail. Result.

I’m still not a smidge further in finding a temporary flat (mainly because my efforts up to now have only gone as far as to surfing the websites and thinking “that looks like a great flat”), but I’m a tiny bit further in dissolving my current flat. I spent Sunday afternoon dividing my DVDs into “keep” and “sell”. The outcome of which was (a) learning more about bar codes than I have ever wanted to know (b) realising that at one point I must have gone through a worrying obsession with purchasing box-sets and multi-buy offers…

For all my stuff that survives the cull, I’ve rented some storage space near my house for now. (Next big question: how to get my stuff from my house to the storage)

Moving House

Memories from a previous move – my current status is nowhere near as advanced or organised yet.

Next stop: more culling, more realisation of how much random stuff I have, and proceeding from looking at pictures of flats to actually applying for them!