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This is the sentence I am hearing the most often right now, and the answer is “I haven’t done the slightest thing about it yet”. It’s strange how procrastination sets in once the move is confirmed and you actually have to act! I was a lot more pro-active when the move was a slight possibility and I spent all my time looking up places to live in my dreamy “what if…?” scenarios.

What I have to do next, once I manage to beat my procrastination:

  1. Get a confirmation letter from work to prove that I am gainfully employed, so that I can do step 2 and 3
  2. Start looking for a short-term let in Gothenburg from July 1
  3. Register my move with a Swedish authority called Migrationsverket
  4. Book some storage place near my house in London
  5. Divide all my stuff into “take with me”, “put into storage” and “get rid of”
  6. Get rid of all the stuff labelled with “get rid of”! I already pity the person who has to carry my huge elderly barely carriable TV down the stairs…
  7. Figure out whether I can leave my IKEA furniture in the flat without anyone noticing (unlikely)
  8. Cancel all my services (gas, electricity, council tax, TV, water, and… and… and…)
  9. Move!

The other day, the business manager in Sweden sent out an official announcement to my new office there that they are getting a new colleague (me), so I can now stop wondering who knows about it and whether anyone thinks I am mad (OK, maybe the second point is still debatable). I got some emails from people I know in my new office to say welcome, and some of the emails were so genuinely lovely that it completely made my day. In the beginning I was always worrying about descending on the new office like “I’m here, give me a desk and speak slowly so I can understand”, but people so far have been so nice and welcoming that I couldn’t feel better about it now.

Right now I sometimes can’t believe how lucky I am that everything seems to be working out so perfectly for me. But then, the idealistic euphoria before reality sets in is a great thing… 🙂